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When money is tight, we may find that we cannot purchase multiple pairs of shoes at a time. We have to be wise in choosing one or two styles and make do with them until the budget frees up. 

With all of that in mind, here are some ideas for versatile, go-to, and fail-safe shoes when you need to dress in a hurry. Check out the guide below to help you choose your next all-around pair.





A good pair of flats is the most ideal to own for those days when you don’t have the time to change outfits from work to your evening plans. By carefully choosing a pair of flats and by taking into consideration where else you could wear these shoes and with which clothes, you will make the most out of that pair and get your money’s worth.

Some choose to invest in pumps for this purpose, but others find that they prefer a pair of oxfords or printed flats for a classic look with an added twist of freshness and playfulness that match perfectly well in either a pencil skirt or a pair of jeans.





If you are always on the go, it’s a must to have a good pair of casual shoes. Even those who don’t regularly take part in sports need a good pair. While many of these kicks are designed for a specific kind of sport, some sneakers are versatile enough, not only in colors but also in functionality.

Ideal for a grocery run or when the kids have an outdoor activity, it’s best to get a pair of canvas tennis shoes or casual sneakers that can be slipped on and off with ease.






For those times when you need to leave in a hurry, sliders are great to have around. Simply slide your feet into these shoes and head out. Just because these shoes are comfortable and convenient does not mean they can’t be stylish as well. Choose a pair that can go with any outfit you have on: jeans, clam diggers, skirts, or pants, the right pair will go perfectly.


These are the shoes that women today invest in. It’s nice to own a pair or two, but you would want to spread out your budget when buying shoes. This type of shoe is perfect for formal occasions and can be worn to work with ease.

A black pair is always a must, and nudes can be worn for weddings and other events. The key is to choose a pair with a small heel, between one to three inches, as this makes the shoe more versatile. 

Shoes don’t have to cost an arm and a leg for you to be able to own a good pair. Check out our collection of stylish and comfortable Women’s shoes for less here.


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