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Comfort Plus All Purpose Cleaner - Use this eco-friendly cleaner with durable built-in bristle brushes. Suited for most types of sneakers and casual shoes, the Comfort Plus All Purpose Cleaner is great for cleaning outsoles with an easy all-in-one application.
Comfort Plus Shoe Shine Sponge - Keep shoes and accessories looking like new with the Comfort Plus Shoe Shine Sponge. Using this sponge keeps footwear, wallets, and other leather or synthetic items in multiple colors looking bright and ready for your next step.
Comfort Plus Waterproof Protector - Create an invisible barrier to keep your shoes and accessories looking new using Comfort Plus Waterproof Protector. This product helps repel liquids and stains and is suited for leather, suede, and textiles. The formula is water based so it's eco-friendly, 100% vegan, and solvent and propellant free.
Comfort Plus Shoe Whitener - Apply this regularly to give your shoes a high gloss and refresh the look of old whites. The Comfort Plus Shoe Whitener has a water-based formula that’s designed to nourish and protect leather with anti-fungal technology.
Comfort Plus Shoe Freshener - Use this deodorizer regularly to reduce odors and keep shoes smelling fresh. The Comfort Plus Shoe Freshener has a water-based formula that’s 100% vegan and solvent free. Plus, it comes in a propellant free packaging that’s 100% recyclable.

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